Fixed Income Securities

Mainbridge is committed to listing a series of fixed income securities in Frankfurt, Vienna and over time, the London Specialist Fund Markets, targeting €10 Billion over the next 5 years, commencing with a USD$800 Million Bond on the Frankfurt Exchange in June 2023.

The Bonds will be invested into projects, structured products, funds and credit products with potential equity ratchets. The Bonds will Initially be fully funded by Mainbridge and its investors. The Bonds will subsequently be sold-down via wealth managers either directly or via a structured portfolio product.

Mainbridge Percentile Fixed Income Bond (June 2023)

  • USD$800m 10 year bond issued by a UK private company
  • Listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • External Security Trustee, Administration, Custody and Transfer Agents visible on Bloomberg, Reuters.
  • Coupon to be paid bi-annually
  • Transferable via Euroclear and Crest.
  • Balanced portfolio with largest commitment to Mainbridge Africa Infrastructure Fund (MAIF) and Africa Infrastructure Limited Partner Fund.

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