Who We Are

Mainbridge is an Africa-focused investment firm that invests in assets that will form the backbone of the African economy in the coming years. We focus on companies and projects supporting physical and socio-economic infrastructure.

Origins of Mainbridge

Mainbridge is derived from the third ‘Mainland Bridge’ in Lagos, Nigeria – which is the longest of three bridges connecting Lagos Island to the Lagos Mainland.

The bridge connects the commercial and cultural heartbeat of Nigeria, reflecting Mainbridge’s core aspiration to connect Africa to global capital markets through its investments, expertise and resouces. 

Latest Updates

Mainbridge has announced a USD800M bond offering on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that is structured to appeal to long term investors seeking access to African growth. Proceeds from the bond issue will focus on companies and projects supporting infrastructure development.


The bond has a 10-year term and attracts an annual coupon rate of 9.5%.

Social Impact

The company prioritises opportunities with strong environmental and social impact.


The issuance supports Mainbridge’s LP commitment for an upcoming African Core Infrastructure Fund


This issue is only one of a handful listed on one of the main regulated Exchanges in Europe that allows investors access to a diversified and liquid investment product oriented towards Africa.

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