Africa Infrastructure Fund (“MAIF”)

In line with its core strategic commitment to the growth of the Africa Infrastructure landscape, Mainbridge is creating the Mainbridge Africa Infrastructure Fund (“MAIF”) which will commence as an initial USD$1 Billion active equity fund focused on Sub-Sahara development oriented Infrastructure. 

Mainbridge Group will be a significant sponsor with its commitment of USD$400 Million into the Fund. MAIF will be a 10 year closed end LP targeting 6% structured real yield and 18% total return based upon a Balanced portfolio across sector and country risk. 

Seed assets in energy, transport, agriculture and mining have already been identified and will be qualified for investment in Q1 of 2023. Mainbridge Expects to raise further (equity and credit) funds and grow Assets Under Management to over USD$30 Billion within 5 years (sequentially as follows: USD$1 bn, USD$2 bn, USD$3 bn, USD$5 bn, USD$7.5 bn, USD$12.5 bn).

As the Anchor LP Partner, Mainbridge will have preferential economics, participation in carry, active role in advisory, lending and co-investment rights, advisory, hedging and underwriting. MAIF has documented Investment Polices and Procedures (OPP1-6) and subscribes to the UN Principles on Responsible Investing and Corporate Governance as well as Anti bribery and anti-corruption policies. 

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