Under the auspices of HRH Adesimbo Kiladejo (“Jilo III”), the Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom, GAFCO launched is flagship Commercial Agriculture program and Initiated it’s plans for its first Agri-Centre/ Hub in Ondo City. This project is in line with GAFCO’s stated objectives of developing large scale commercial production programs, in conjunction with the Bank of Agriculture via the creation of Agri-centres across Nigeria.

The Event was Hosted by HRH Adesimbo Kiladejo, flanked by the High Chiefs Lisa, Sasere and Adaja. The Launch was also attended by Alhaji Kabiru Adamu, the Managing Director of the Bank of Agriculture.

The Ondo project will see the aggregation of an initial 10,000 small holder farmers into the Program. GAFCO has already secured around 10,000 hectares of land for the initial pilot scheme that will involve the production of Cassava, Plantain, Yam, Cocoa, Cashew, Rice, Maize, Coconut and Palm. The project will be extended to include commercial Poultry and Animal Husbandry.

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